I develop


Mahmut Karaca

I write code... with style

What I do?

I write code...

How I do it?

With style!!

Seriously, What Do You Do?

I am currently studying Computer Engineering at Bogazici University. And I've been developing software for (maybe) 6 years. In that time span, I worked with what my heart desired most. Here's a list of what I have experience with, together with estimated times that I worked with that specific area about software:

Here's a list of also what I have experience with, but contents of this list include the things that I have much less experience with:

You can also click on these items to see useless stories about how I began writing in that specific area. Or things that are even more useless. (Oh, I should've told this first, right? Sorry.)

What have you done, so far?

Here's (yet) another list of what I have done so far. Click on the items of the list to get some useless information about that project.

So what will you do now?

I have absolutely no idea. I mostly do what I want to do in that specific time. Currently, I want to finish my OS project. But in the meantime, I can switch to working on the GyroHand project. The thing is, I develop software because it's fun. If developing software start being boring to me, I'll switch to something else for a while and probably return back to developing more software.

Can I meet u IRL?

Maybe? Send me an e-mail, or message, or ... I don't know. I go to meetups and developer conferences. Maybe some day, we can meet in one of them.